Abigail is available for research, writing, talks, workshops, curating, design, production and other projects for fashion contexts.

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Abigail is co-founder of Worn Workshop (in collaboration with Morag Seaton), Worn produces creative projects about people's relationships with their clothing. In April 2020, Worn began collecting and sharing the stories of our clothes and concepts from identity to sustainability. This work has since developed through their production of a series of Worn projects as well as commissions for fashion industry, education, community, arts and culture contexts, including: research, workshops, interviews, talks, consultation, publications and storytelling. All of these outcomes contribute to the Worn Archive: an ongoing collection of clothing stories. This, in turn, informs and inspires all of Worn’s future projects, which share insights that can change the way we design, make and wear clothes.


Worn is currently avaliable for commissions. To find out more, visit: wornworkshop.com.


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